Activity 2

Please choose one of the following scenarios to create an infographic using the free web tool Piktochart 


Example 1:

Old media. Buy advertising and convince the media to write about you. Push strategy: one-way conversation; deep pockets win; numbers game. Consumers are interrupted with marketing messages focused on selling them something.

New media: Become a publisher by creating and sharing great content for free. Pull strategy: two-way conversation; best contact wins; community. Consumers are presented with great content that helps solve their problems.


Example 2:

  1. LinkedIn goes live.
  2. Facebook goes live.
  3. YouTube goes live.
  4. Twitter goes live AND the term “crowdsearching” first coined by Jeff Howe of Wired magazine AND live-streams keynotes from Dreamforce on the Facebook Fan page.
  5. IBM collected over 37,000 ideas for potential areas for innovation by brainstorming with customers and employees AND Google releases YouTube Best Practices for the B2B Marketer.
  6. Twitter launches paid-advertising programs including Prometed Tweets, Trends, and Accounts.
  7. LinkedIn tops list of most important social network for B2B marketers.


Example 3:

China smokes 1,163 billion cigarettes per year.

United States smokes 331 billion cigarettes per year.

Japan smokes 357 billion cigarettes per year.

Russia smokes 239 billion cigarettes per year.

Indonesia smokes 259 billion cigarettes per year.


Source: Smiciklas, M. (2012). The power of infographics: Using pictures to communicate and connect with your audiences. Indianapolis: QUE.